About me

Bartosz Szkudlarek
16 years of experience in helping companies to improve businesses by using the innovative technologies. My main areas of expertise are Big Data techniques and advanced portal solutions.

The improvement of sales and operation processes in finance and retail industry was a primary objective in my past projects. I have experience in designing and implementing data mining solutions following areas:
– Data exploration and visualisation (Tableau, Qlik, Jaspersoft, d3js)
– Data processing and machine learning (Spark, Hadoop Map-Reduce, Spark MLib, Scipy, R Language)
– Distributed data stores (Elasticsearch, Apache Casandra, Apache Solr, Amazon S3, HBase, Presto, Hive)
– Advanced Hadoop platforms deployed as self-hosted environment (Cloudera, Hortonworks) as well as cloud solutions (Amazon Redshift, Amazon EMR, Google Big Query).

Selling services and product on the Internet is challenging, especially in finance and insurance industry. My responsibilities in the field of the conceptual idea included:

– direct sales portals (dedicated for the customers as well as partners and agencies) – based on Liferay Portal,
– dedicated self-services portals for insurance and fund investment companies – based on deeply customised Liferay Portal,
– advanced search mechanisms for discovering vast amount of information (based on Apache Solr, Elastic Search),